What do you look for in a Training Provider?

When it comes to choosing a training provider, you base your decision on the option that best suits your circumstances at the time.

Is the RTO offering the course full time, part time, online? How will that fit for you with everything else you have going on in your life?

But what is equally important, and something that most people don’t consider, is the trainer.

Trainers come in all shapes and sizes in terms of their training style, and just as every student is unique in how they receive information, every trainer has their own method of delivering it.

As a Training Officer for ET Australia Training College, I have the opportunity to witness the various styles of training delivered to students every day.

Whether it be more visual, hands on, anecdotal or otherwise, each trainer plays to their own strengths.

ET Australia’s Training College offers training in aged care, childcare, business, leadership and management, all very different qualifications taught by different trainers and assessors. But the common denominators are what make ET Australia Trainers stand out in the crowd.

Each trainer has dedication, vast amounts of experience in their chosen field, a sense of responsibility for delivering quality training, genuine heart and passion for the topic they are teaching. Not to mention the personal connections they make with their students during the training.

After the completion of each program, students shower our trainers in gratitude and go out of their way to make it known how much they appreciate the support, tenacity and belief their trainer had in each student’s ability to see the course through.

Every day, at least one student comments on the commitment their ET Australia Training College trainer shows toward helping them learn something new and doing so in a way that best suits them.

The passion of an ET Australia Training College trainer is passed on to each student and subsequently filtered into each industry when our students gain employment. We consistently receive messages from previous students, sharing their employment success and contributing this success to the dedication of their course trainer.

It is also this dedication that drives ET Australia Training College’s established reputation for well-trained students on the Central Coast. This reputation makes our graduates very attractive to employers.

So again I ask you – What do you look for in a training provider?

If it’s a quality trainer, ET Australia Training College is the place for you.

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