A detailed look into ET Australia Secondary College’s Anti Bullying Policy

anti bullying ET Australia Secondary College

At ET Australia Secondary College we do all we can to ensure our school is a safe and nurturing environment for students and staff. We prepare our students for the world by offering a positive learning environment that mirrors the rules that govern the world of work.

We know bullying is common among school aged children. Almost 25 % of school students in Australia experience bullying at some stage during their time in school. We also know it can have devastating impacts on their lives. For this reason, ET Australia Secondary College enforce an anti-bullying policy to keep our students safe and engaged in their learning. Read on for an in-depth look at how it works.

Every student attends an interview

Every prospective student attends an interview prior to their enrolment at our school. This is so we can explain the school’s Code of Conduct and Student Behaviour Management Policy to the student and their parents or carers. The Enrolment Contract is signed by all parties (which includes the Expected Behaviour and Consequences document) as part of the application process.

Enrolment into ETASC requires a commitment by parents or carers and students to fully support our school policies, practices and activities.

Rules for the real world

ET Australia Secondary College provides a safe and positive anti bullying oriented learning environment with expectations similar to those of the workforce. Behaviour such as bullying would not be tolerated in the workplace and so our rules reflect this too (you can read some more about this in our college handbook).

Behaviour in and around the school, on breaks, travelling to and from school and on social media are also subject to these behaviour expectations. Just as it would be in the workplace.

anti bullying ET Australia Secondary College

Our behaviour management policy

ET Australia Secondary College uses a positive and negative behaviour management system to record student behaviour. If a student displays consistent positive behaviour, students can be issued with a Gold Card. This can be used for a number of privileges such as money off a lunch order or taking an early mark.

When a student displays negative behaviour in class or during breaks, a member of staff can enter a negative pastoral note into the student management system.

All staff use a ‘Going, Going, Gone’ system of warnings and affirmative action in the classroom.

Zero tolerance for bullying

If a student’s actions involve violence or the threat of violence, bullying, dishonesty, deceit, theft or the wilful destruction of school property, their enrolment will be terminated. Likewise, if evidence of cyberbullying is provided to our teachers, the bully will be asked to leave our school.

This is designed to maintain a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students, and ensures they are free from bullying, or any other forms of distraction during their time at our school.

If you want to know more about our anti bullying policy and the safe and supportive environment here at ET Australia Secondary College, contact us today. You can also download our parent info pack, or contact ET Australia for more information.