Optimised Learning Opportunities with ET Australia Training College

If you ask any athlete what they believe made them successful, they will say their motivation started their journey. They will then tell you the training provided, their support network and the environment are what prepared them for competition. Here at ET Australia Training College, our students are the athletes in their chosen field of study and ET Australia Training College is the training provider, the support network, and provides the environment to allow them to succeed. Employment is the end goal (the competition) for every one of our students. All ET Training College staff are 100% supportive of our students and their goals and staff will do what is required to see them transition into employment. 

Since opening in 1977, ET Australia has optimised every aspect of the learning journey for both students and employers. Our focus has always been assisting the Central Coast community to attain employment. Over the years we have achieved this through creating a student experience like no other. If our students feel comfortable, they will thrive. From the first phone call to receiving their certificate upon completion, our students will feel prioritised, empowered and excited (sometimes a little nervous but that’s ok!) about their learning. We offer flexibility and stability. Our trainers have over 100 years of combined experience in their areas of expertise. Support staff are thorough, passionate and willing to go above and beyond to achieve results. These are the tools we use to have our “athletes” prepared for the end game. These are the tools that last year saw over 87% of our students who completed their qualification move into employment or further study.

In 2020 our world is rapidly evolving. In the current climate, changes have been necessary. Classes may look a little different however the content and volume of learning remains the same. To ensure student and staff protection, we are ensuring social distancing requirements are met within our training facilities for students still electing to come to class! For students unable to attend classes, we are offering live-streamed training sessions. For trainees we are unable to visit, we are providing them with the opportunity to connect with their Trainer via videoconferencing technology in real-time. Using this technology has meant our students can still experience real-time interactions with their Trainer and fellow students, and they can openly participate in their learning. Most of our students are still wanting to come into class and to ensure the safety of our students and staff we have taken measures such as; delivering training in larger training rooms, splitting classroom groups into 2 smaller groups, marking out the floor area in reception to ensure safe distancing is adhered to.

Marys class aged care

ET Australia Secondary College’s Feb ’20 Aged Care class keeping their distance in the classroom and learning live via Zoom video conferencing.

For students attending class, we are ensuring their safety by having access to hand sanitiser, soap and PPE if required (e.g. gloves). Students will still need to sign into both our Gosford and Wyong campuses. We are encouraging students to bring their own pen and use the provided hand sanitiser when entering and exiting the building. All handwashing basins also have a poster which demonstrates effective hand washing techniques.

For our students who are learning from home, ET Australia has implemented strategies to ensure their learning experience is as closely aligned as possible to what they signed up for. Checks are in place to ensure these learners are engaged in their learning and their focus is maintained through conversation and questioning. For our staff who are working from home, we have implemented a working from home policy, for our learners at home it is no different. They have a policy too!

When asked about the changes we have made ET Australia Training College Aged Care Trainer Mary Seeto advised she is loving it. She admitted that she was a little nervous at first and had to get used to training in the one spot so her students at home could see her however now these minor hiccups have been addressed and she is very happy. Mary advised that this videoconferencing technology has optimised the student experience by providing them with the flexibility they need in these unprecedented times. Mary said that before videoconferencing was utilised, that she would be available via phone and email to assist students between classes, however now she can log in and see them which makes a huge difference for one on one support and learning. She said it has increased her availability too as she can go from one meeting to the next without the travel in between. She can readily make herself available after class if needed. Another one of ET Australia Training College Trainers, Michelle Burden, advised that she predicts that the use of this technology will help with attendance. One of the main reasons’ students need to have off is to care for unwell children. Now students can videoconference into the classroom to get the learning if they are unable to attend so they don’t risk falling behind on their learning!

Reports and feedback from our students are that these changes have made their training experience even better and that their learning has been enhanced despite the anxiety and changes COVID-19 may have bought to them and their families. For a lot of our students, the consistency of attending class has been helpful as it has allowed them to keep routine for themselves and their families, stimulate their minds, improve their mental health and of course remain on track to achieve their goal of employment upon completion. By having this consistency our “athlete’s” training can continue until they win their competition!

It is safe to say that ET Australia Training College staff can finish each day knowing they are making a difference in people’s lives through high-quality training. If you are someone who has the motivation and desire to move into an employment growth area here on the Central Coast such as Childcare, Aged Care and Business, then ET Australia Training College can provide you with the training, the support, the environment and the tools to assist you to win and achieve the end goal of employment. We can add you to our list of winners!

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