Is online learning really all it’s cracked up to be?

The benefits of online learning include being able to study from home, flexible learning times and cheaper tuition fees. It’s not for everyone though, and it may also bring with it some online learning issues and difficulties.

Thinking of taking your study online? Read on to discover some challenges you may face when you enrol in online learning courses:

Time management is difficult

There’s more flexibility in online learning but it can come at a cost. When you’re learning remotely, you need to be good at managing your own time. Without the schedule of dedicated face-to-face learning, you have to decide when you’ll get your work done. While this may seem like the perfect solution for a busy life, it’s easy to get distracted and find you do no work at all. If you’re not dedicated, you can fall behind in your work and it can be difficult to catch up.

Also, online learning issues often occur as students are given access to all course materials with little guidance on how to get through it all. Some people might be able to breeze on ahead with it, but many find it overwhelming and difficult to break down into manageable chunks.

Minimal in-person contact

Online learning allows for little in-person contact with your trainers and fellow students – most often, none at all. While you might be able to chat virtually with people from all over the world, there’ll be less real-world interaction with the people you’re studying with. You won’t see them regularly in class and there’ll also be less social interaction outside of class too.

Your classmates often become your support network when studying, so don’t underestimate the importance of these in-person interactions.

Technology issues

Do you consider yourself to be tech-savvy? If you’re going to use online learning, you need to be.

Online learning platforms can be tricky to learn, with each education provider using these in their own unique ways. You will be dependent on the internet and technology for all your learning needs, including submitting assignments and sitting tests. Those who are less technically savvy will find it a steep learning curve.

Even those who are technologically proficient will still be susceptible to network connections, browser compatibility issues and WiFi connection problems too.

Staying motivated

A lack of interaction and isolation can create a lack of satisfaction with online learning. Without in-person feedback it can be difficult to complete work to an appropriate standard. In an online learning environment, responses to questions are not always immediate and you can be left for days waiting on feedback or advice. Plus, online learning issues can arise as trainers are less able to track your progress or follow-up on how you’re getting on.

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