Enrolling your child in a Central Coast high school for 2019? Read this first

central coast high schools

Are you starting to think about high school enrolment for your child in 2019? When considering central coast high schools, there’s a whole range of aspects you need to consider before making your final decision.

There’s many school options to choose from including Gosford High School, Central Coast Grammar School, or our very own ET Australia Secondary College which is another centrally located Gosford high school.

Choosing a high school can be tough. When weighing up your options, you might like to think about the following:

Value for money

Tuition fees are always a huge factor to consider when choosing a high school.

Private school fees can be as high as $30,000 per year. While public schools like Gosford High School have fees that are generally quite low, there’s usually additional costs throughout the year that aren’t included in their annual fee. These additional costs might include excursions, purchasing of additional resources or sporting fees.

When considering central coast high schools, you need to think about your budget and also your value for money. Think: what exactly do those fees cover?

At ET Australia Secondary College fees are all inclusive. This includes textbooks, workbooks, stationery, school locker, an Apple iPad for each student, excursions, sporting fees, on-site youth support services and after school tutoring. The school fee is packed full of added value reducing the stress on your hip pocket. We also provide access to school scholarships for students experiencing financial hardship.

Learning and intervention

You need to know if the high school you choose will cater for the individual needs of your child.

Their learning is paramount, and you need to ensure the school you choose will provide the best environment for success.

Does the high school cater for gifted and talented students, or those with additional learning needs? Some high schools (like Gosford High School) are academically selective or offer specialised programs for gifted and talented students, or those who require some extra support.

Your child will not slip through the cracks at ET Australia Secondary College. We offer a student learning support network, literacy and numeracy action plans for each student and individual student pathway plans. We also offer collaborative and innovative teaching and learning for gifted and talented students. Each student who graduates is professionally guided towards a career in the workforce, or towards further study.

ET Australia Secondary College

If you’re considering central coast high schools, make sure you have ET Australia Secondary College on your list. We offer a unique environment which empowers students with a balance of freedom and responsibility. The school is more like a contemporary workplace. Everyone is known to each other on a first name basis, students don’t wear school uniforms, there is no homework and our students are treated like young adults. We work harmoniously with your child to focus on teaching and learning.

The choice is yours. If you’d like to know more about ET Australia Secondary College, contact us today. We are currently enrolling Year 7-9 students for 2019 with Year 10 already full for 2019.