Will your skills count in the workplace of the future?

The way we work is changing, so are our jobs, career paths and the skills required to succeed in the future. Change can be a good thing, just as long as you can preempt it and prepare yourself accordingly.

Rewind 20 years ago when Gen Y’s main focus was to secure a place at University, it was believed that holding a Degree unlocked the key to future career success, and that employers would look more favorably on a post graduate.

For millennials things are different, vocational training is regarded just as highly as a University Degree. Employers understand the benefits of work experience and recognise alternative qualifications, such as the Diplomas and Certificates we provide here at ET Australia.

Employers now acknowledge that upskilling, particularly in qualifications such as Business, throughout a person’s career, rather than before it’s even begun, can often be a better way of learning, enabling the option for simultaneous on-the-job training.

In fact, traditional jobs that often followed University Degree courses don’t accommodate the movement we are finding today towards careers not confined to an office desk. Today’s employee wants satisfaction, meaning and fulfillment from their jobs. They want flexible working hours and to build a career that makes a difference, and who can blame them?

Qualifications in Aged Care and Early Childhood lean more towards careers which don’t involve sitting a desk and ET Australia is proud to offer a range of course options for everyone’s dream job.

So we’ve covered how learning and the career paths we are choosing have made a shift, but how will advances in technology impact the workplace of the future and how can you ensure that you have the skillset to keep moving with the ever-changing times?

The Huffington Post predicts a shift towards Entrepreneurship, but not in the traditional sense. A flat hierarchy within organisations will mean all employees will need to be adaptable, prepared to work collaboratively, remotely and not necessarily be confined to one defined role, all with an entrepreneurial ‘get things done’ spirit!

Unless you unplugged your devices from the internet over the last few months you can’t help but have heard talk of ‘Artificial Intelligence’, or AI taking over jobs and processes currently done by humans. This isn’t just futurist talk, the World Economic Forum predicts that robots and automation will take over more than 5 million jobs by 2020, so it’s important to provide yourself with skills, such as creativity and an ability to think innovatively, to make sure yours is safe.

But we don’t have to view this AI takeover as a bad thing. Imagine a world where robots are utilised to carry out the mundane, tedious and laborious roles, freeing up humans to fill their careers with purpose!

Business Insider envisages the ‘one-career for life’ mentality will become redundant, with much more ‘career-hopping’ taking place over the next 10 years, as workers follow their passions from role to role. This means continually upskilling and keeping in touch with the latest teachings on subjects which affect your career options is going to be vital.

Here at ET Australia we are excited for the changing times ahead and committed to providing new courses and qualification options to ensure all our students have the skills needed to thrive in the ever evolving workplace of the future.

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