Employment Programs

An ideal method for the recruitment and retention of your entry-level staff.

Take the Stress Out of Recruiting Today

Read about how we can organise the recruitment of your entry level staff.

What is the ET Australia Employment Program and how does it work?

The ET Australia Employment Program is a simple and cost effective recruitment and retention solution which provides a job ready workforce for your business, allowing you to save time and costs associated with finding quality employees for your business.

What are the benefits and the outcomes you will see for your business?

Our Employment Program saves you hours of time in recruitment and removes the need for a standalone staff induction process. It gives you the opportunity to hand select the best students to fill your vacancies and allows you to mentor and support students throughout their training.

How long does a typical ET Australia Employment Program run for?

The length of the program varies depending on the training required to meet your identified needs. For example, you may determine that you only require students to undertake part of a qualification as opposed to undertaking a full qualification.

What if you have specific training you require your staff to undertake?

Training is customised to meet your needs. We can deliver a few units to meet the needs of a specific skill requirement or we can tailor full qualification programs to include elective units relevant to the required work outcome.

What are the steps to organise an Employment Program for your business?

Follow these 7 steps to organise a program for your business today.


Workforce Scoping

ET Australia sits down and consults with you to understand your workforce requirements and determine the ideal candidates for your program.


Program Recruitment

ET Australia manages the recruitment process including marketing and identifying suitable applicants for your Employment Program.


Candidate Selection

ET Australia conducts unlimited rounds of recruitment and with support from ET Australia you select the right applicants to enter your Employment Program.



ET Australia organises all paperwork for each student you have selected so your Employment Program can start as per agreed timelines.



The program is delivered at your site led by ET Australia’s industry qualified Trainer and Assessor who works closely with your key staff.



You handpick the most suitable students for your existing job vacancies, based on your assessment of their potential to make a tangible contribution to your organisation.



ET Australia consults with you to review and evaluate the success of your Employment Program so each program with you is even better.

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