Scholarships for high school students from ETASC, what it means for your family

Scholarships for high school students

Your child’s education is a vital investment in their future.

While accessing high quality education is important, it often comes as a large financial burden for families. According to the ASG Planning for Education Index, “the full cost of primary and secondary education for a child born in 2018 could cost $66,320 in the public system, while faith-based education was estimated to cost $240,679 per child.”

When it comes to the all-important high school years, it’s important to understand what you’re paying for. You should research the high school fees and find out what this includes. If you know how to utilise scholarships for high school students, this can help relieve some of the financial pressure too.

High school fees

Annual high school fees cover the provision of a student’s education. This includes text books, access to technology and curriculum-based excursions. This doesn’t typically include uniforms, stationery and exercise books which is an additional cost.

According to The Good Schools Guide, parents in metropolitan areas can expect to pay approximately $4,455 per year for their child’s secondary schooling in a government school. This increases to around $12,599 in a Catholic school, and up to $22,450 at an independent school. Costs varies depending on school choice, with some independent schools charging as much as $30,000 per year for tuition fees alone.

ET Australia fees

At ET Australia, college fees for all our secondary students have been set at $1,300 inclusive of a $100 enrolment fee for 2018. Year 10 students pay an additional $100 for graduation celebrations. Our fees are all inclusive. They include textbooks, exercise books, stationery, school locker, an Apple iPad for each student to use in class, excursions, sporting fees, on-site youth support services and after school tutoring.

When it comes to payment, we have an option of an annual payment plan. We don’t want you to feel the burden of upfront excessive school fee payments on your monthly household budget.

Scholarships for high school students

Scholarships for high school students are available in all school sectors. These are sometimes given as a reward for high-achieving students, or for students who already attend the school. At other times they are given to those who can’t afford to attend the school without some financial help. This can be for new or existing students. Scholarships may cover all or part of the tuition fees over one or several years of attendance.

ET Australia scholarships

ET Australia Secondary College awards a number of scholarships for high school students attending the College. Scholarships are awarded due to financial hardship and can cover up to half of a student’s annual school fees (which equates to $650). Scholarship applications are a relatively simple process, and the majority of scholarship applications are successful.

We’re here to help. If you’d like to know more about ET Australia Secondary College scholarships, contact us today. Learn more about applying for scholarships for high school students by downloading our parent info pack, or contact ET Australia for more information.