Could the key to happiness be found in aged care?

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A 75 year study by Harvard researchers, into the secrets to living a satisfied and fulfilled life, found that these three aspects matter most:

  1. Strong, supportive and meaningful relationships
  2. Contentment within your work
  3. Keeping a positive perspective

A career in aged care incorporates all three, so it’s not hard to see why it’s widely accepted as one of the most rewarding, flexible and fulfilling careers!

Meaningful relationships

Not only will you enjoy deep social connections with elderly clients in your care, you’ll also get to know their families, their communities and other support workers in their network.

Building these meaningful relationships is an enriching experience and many who work in the aged care profession will tell you that it is these connections that have helped them build more fulfilling bonds with friends, family and work colleagues.

Contentment and job satisfaction

It’s hard to get the Monday blues when you know that your actions at work are going to make someone’s life just a little bit easier and that every day will be different to the last, this can be very empowering and motivating.

There are so many different jobs within the aged care industry, you’ll never be short of opportunities to progress, or upskill, making this career path varied, exciting and never dull!

Positivity and resilience

An aged care worker needs to have a positive and resilient personality in order to cope with the challenges of the job. Building this resilience means you may find it much easier to overcome negative emotions and difficult situations outside of work as well.

According to Positive Psychologists, having a positive outlook does not mean being happy all the time, but instead that you have the strength and virtues to flourish and thrive, whatever situations you are faced with along the way.

We want to dispel the common misconception that working with the elderly or disabled is difficult and depressing, as it is actually quite the opposite. Through a career in aged care you really can make a huge difference to someone’s quality of life and well being, and in the process quite possibly even improve your own.

If you’re considering a career in aged care you can find out more on our courses here.

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