ET Australia hires new Quality and Compliance Manager

ET Australia Training College is pleased to announce Sue Collett has been recruited to the position of Quality and Compliance Manager for ET Australia Training College in May this year.

Sue comes to ET Australia Training College with over 15 years experience in the vocational education and training industry and a wealth of higher education knowledge with 6 of those years spent consulting on quality and compliance to other vocational education providers.

Cath Roden, ET Australia Training College Manager said “When recruiting for our Quality and Compliance Manager role within our Training College over the last few months we knew we needed to find someone special to help continue to provide compliant, high quality training services in line with VET industry standards. Sue comes to us with a wealth of industry knowledge about compliant education practices so she is the perfect fit to help ET Australia Training College continue to provide quality vocational education to Central Coast students.”

Sue said “I’m delighted to be part of the team at ET Australia, seeing their internal quality education framework first hand over the last few months has shown to me that ET Australia really do care about providing a high level of vocational education that is unmatched on the Central Coast. I’m keen to continue to support and expand on this quality education framework so our students continue to experience an unrivalled level of vocational education.”

Welcome to the team Sue.

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