Student Wellness

Optimised Learning Opportunities with ET Australia Training College

If you ask any athlete what they believe made them successful, they will say their motivation started their journey. They will then tell you the training provided, their support network and the environment are what prepared them for competition. Here at ET Australia Training College, our students are the athletes in their chosen field of study and ET Australia Training College is the training provider, the support network,

5 Things You Can do Now to Prepare for Study in 2020

1. Find something that works for you If you are planning to study this year, you’ve inevitably considered how that will impact your home, work and social life, and everything else that you have going on in the matrix. So now it’s time to find a course that will work for you! For example; If

What do you look for in a Training Provider?

When it comes to choosing a training provider, you base your decision on the option that best suits your circumstances at the time. Is the RTO offering the course full time, part time, online? How will that fit for you with everything else you have going on in your life? But what is equally important,

Year 10 ETASC Parent? Get Involved With Your Child’s Pathway Plan

Have you ever tried to talk to a teenager about the options available to them once they leave school? If so, you’ll know how difficult it is to get your own head around all the different pathways. So what do you do? Many people have found success by seeking outside help. But there are a

6 Top Tips to help keep you motivated while studying

1. Set Achievable Goals and Practice Self-Motivation It is important to remind yourself why you are studying. Is it a topic you are passionate about? Will completing the study get you closer to a larger goal? Are there financial benefits that could lead to a more comfortable lifestyle for you and your family? Whatever your

A Fork in the Yellow Brick Road

The different paths you can take with a CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support Everyone may have followed Dorothy down the yellow brick road, but when it comes to the CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support, you can pave your own path, and make it any colour you want. This qualification gives you the skills

Anxiety – A David and Goliath Battle for Students

“Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia. On average, one in four people (one in three women and one in five men) will experience anxiety at some stage in their life.”1 At ET Australia Training College, we have, in the past, enrolled students who have been diagnosed with an actual ‘Anxiety Disorder’. But what we have found

Top Tips on How to Write Your Next Resume

Your resume is one of the most crucial tools needed to market yourself to employers (in addition to your cover letter). But many people have no idea how to promote themselves, and often sell themselves short in terms of what they can bring to an organisation. A well-written cover letter will lead a potential employer

Take the Stress Out of Writing a Cover Letter

When you are looking for work, it can quickly become monotonous, and when not receiving a response as quickly as you’d hoped if at all, it can become disheartening also. This often means people stop putting in the effort needed to send out quality applications, thus making the monotony even worse. Some people become so

Don’t Let Your Age be a Barrier to Changing Careers

Age Discrimination, whilst illegal, is still apparent as an obstacle across certain industries for many older Australian’s seeking employment or returning to the workforce today. However, in our experience at ET Australia Training College, we have found that employers appreciate the stability and experience of hiring a mature aged employee and the benefits it can