BlueWave Living Employment Program Partnership

ET Australia and BlueWave Living have partnered to deliver an employment program on-site at Blue Wave Living.

Matthew Downie, CEO of BlueWave Living reached out to Cath Roden, ET Australia Training College Manager to discuss BlueWave Living’s ongoing need for well trained, entry-level care support staff. After discussions about how this workforce need could be met, both organisations agreed to an employment program.

After a number of recruitment rounds, both organisations identified 12 students to participate in the employment program. The students are of varying ages, from varying backgrounds all with varying experiences. No prior experience working in aged care was necessary. BlueWave Living were looking for people to participate in the program who had some of the transferrable skills they were looking for to fill their entry-level roles. Transferrable skills such as well-developed communication and listening skills and the ability to work as part of a team, may have come from past roles for example customer service. They identified the more technical skills could be learnt during their training.

The students selected for the program are currently participating in an 18-week, 3 day per week employment program.

BlueWave Living

BlueWave Living have made their education room available for the classroom sessions, and for the students to gain their practical learning and experience, they will go out onto the floor with staff and residents, under the guidance of ET Australia’s Trainer / Assessor. The residents and staff will have the chance to get to know the students and will see first-hand how they develop over the training period.

At the end of the 18 weeks, BlueWave Living have the opportunity to identify those students they feel are suitable for employment with their organisation, students who have developed the competencies needed for the entry-level roles and students who are a good cultural fit for their organisation.

The benefit for the students and BlueWave Living is that the students are familiar with BlueWave Living policies and procedures, that they have had the opportunity to get to know the staff and the residents, that they have already been inducted into the organisation. This streamlines the onboarding process as both parties are in a position to make a well-informed decision about any offers of employment.

We look forward to seeing the results from this employment program for both BlueWave Living and the students.

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