ET Australia Secondary College

An independent Year 7 to 10 high school equipping students from the Central Coast and beyond with the skills to be successful in employment and/or further studies

What Sets Us Apart

Your child’s education is a vital investment in their future. With over 92% of our 2016 graduates engaging in further studies or a career, you can be confident ET Australia Secondary College will equip your child with the skills to be successful in employment and/or further studies.

Listen to what ET Australia Students and Parents have to say:

A Safe and Supportive Learning Environment

With a no bullying policy enforced by teachers, a student learning support network, literacy and numeracy action plans for each student and individual student pathway plans ensuring each student who graduates is professionally guided towards a career in the workforce or further study, your child will not slip through the cracks at ET Australia Secondary College.

A Student Focused NESA Approved Curriculum

With an academic focus on literacy, numeracy and work ethic, students enjoy learning the fundamentals of Mathematics, English and Science taught alongside the subjects of Languages, Technology and Applied Studies*. Each student has access to text books, work books and an College iPad for each student in class to support their learning requirements.

Highly Qualified Teaching and Support Staff 

Our highly experienced and well regarded teaching team have worked in a number of different educational settings all over the world. Our teachers deliver quality and specialised teaching across all key learning areas. Together with teacher assistants in every class, our team draw out the best academic results possible for your child.

Students are Treated as Individuals

We empower students with a balance of freedom and responsibility. The school is more like a contemporary workplace – everyone, teachers and students alike, are known to each other on a first name basis, students don’t wear school uniforms, there is no homework, our students are young adults and we work harmoniously with them focusing on teaching and learning.

Our Learning Support Network

Provides our students with one on one tailored learning opportunities delivered alongside classroom teaching with a dedicated learning intervention teacher. Our students can also engage in free after school tutoring with their teacher which we hold at the college in a safe and supportive after school environment giving students the opportunity to catch up.

Access to School Scholarships for Students

ET Australia Secondary College awards a number of scholarships to school students attending the College. Scholarships are awarded to students due to financial hardship and can cover up to half of a student’s annual school fees. Scholarship applications are a relatively simple process, and the majority of scholarship applications are successful.

One School Fee Covers Everything

School fees at ET Australia Secondary College are all inclusive – textbooks, workbooks, stationery, school locker, an Apple iPad for each student, excursions, sporting fees, on-site youth support services and after school tutoring – all included. The school fee is packed full of added value reducing the stress on your hip pocket. View the College brochure for a full list of inclusions.

Preparation For The Real World

ET Australia Secondary College is focused on equipping students with the skills to be successful in school and after school. Many of our students go on to complete their Higher School Certificate (HSC) at other local high schools, while other students choose to enrol in adult training courses and/or start their professional career by gaining employment.

Teaching and Learning

ET Australia Secondary College delivers a NSW Education Standards Authority approved curriculum. We focus on a blend of academic and practical education opportunities.

Core curriculum for Years 7 and 8

 Core curriculum for Years 9 and 10 

Human Society and its Environment
Personal Development Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)
Mandatory Technology
Creative Arts
* French

*Year 8 Only

Supporting Student Learning

We understand each student is an individual and learns differently.

To support in class learning we provide:

  • Eight teachers’ assistants on staff
  • An early learning intervention team who support the individual learning requirements of your child
  • Toast time where students are provided toast on entry to the College at the start of the day


We offer a smaller, personalised learning environment for students to excel. Tour our facilities here.

Our facilities include:

  • Modern classrooms with iPads for every student
  • Science labs off site
  • Breakout areas and computer room
  • Visual and creative arts room
  • 200 seat performing arts space


We offer an inclusive and encouragement based culture providing rewards as the motivator to shine.

School activities include:

  • Excursions and incursions tied to the
  • Reward days for those students excelling in class
  • PDHPE activities off campus

Funding Your Future

Annual fees cover the provision of a student’s education including all text books, access to technology and necessary stationery as well as access to curriculum based excursions.
College fees for all students have been set at $1300 inclusive of a $100 enrolment fee for 2018.
Year 10 students pay an additional $100 for graduation celebrations.

Payment Plans

ET Australia’s annual payment plan is in place for you to be able to send your child to ET Australia Secondary College whilst not feeling the burden of upfront excessive fee payments on your monthly household budget.

Learn more about our payment plans by downloading our free school fee structure brochure.

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College Scholarships

A scholarship is money set aside which assists a family to pay school fees. Scholarships are available for eligible Year 7 to 10 students. The application process is simple. The majority of scholarship applications are successful.

Learn more about applying for a scholarship by downloading our scholarship brochure.

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School Fee Savings and Discounts

Our sibling discounts make it more affordable for families to send their children to the College. When siblings attend the College at the same time the following discounts will apply:

Discounts are:

  • 20% discount on 2nd child’s tuition fee
  • 40% discount on 3rd child’s tuition fee
  • FREE tuition for 4th and subsequent children

College Handbook

College Newsletter

Enrol Today

If you wish to have your child enrolled at ET Australia Secondary College or you’d like more information please click on ‘Enquire Now’ below and our Assistant Principal will contact you in the next 24 hours.

  • I would like to thank you and your staff for the positive and encouraging environment you foster. I have a child that's gone from screaming tantrums refusing to attend school to someone who 'loves!' School. I am so grateful that she has been given this opportunity. Thank you all.

    Amanda 27/2/2017
  • He is like a different boy now. ET Australia Secondary College has been a dream come true for us.  

    Sarah 15/2/2017
  • Cannot speak highly enough with one child in Year 10 and another just starting Year 7. The support ,values and new modern innovative way of learning has made my children excel, all high schools would have more success with students and have our young engaged more in learning if they also learnt the ET way. Thanks to the amazing team at ET Australia Secondary College for allowing this opportunity to see my children grow in a positive encouraging environment.  

    Margot 7/2/2016
  • Just wanted to let u know what a difference this school has made to my girls especially Sammie . It was such a struggle before at other schools mainly with Sammie to get her to even go! I know Katie's got her eye on the end of year award for no absences. Great idea!

  • I would like to say a massive Thank You to all your staff for all the care, help & support they gave Luke last Thursday. Can you please Thank Tony as well for walking Luke to the car & his offer of help & support. With Luke having Asperger’s some events do overwhelm him & he finds it difficult to self regulate. We are very grateful & commend you all for an amazing, nurturing, supportive, caring well run school. Well done.

  • Thank you John for keeping us updated. Chris told us excitedly what he heard! I appreciate all your staff and what they do to keep the kids safe, be assured that we have no doubts Chris is in caring, safe and professional hands.

  • Hi John, I would like to Thank You and all your wonderful staff for a very relaxed, informative and productive parent teacher information night. Interviews with Ellie's teachers revealed them to be caring and dedicated. We are so grateful for the guidance and persistence they are giving her. You have an amazing team and a fantastic school! She is so fortunate to attend ETASC.

    Amanda and David 28/7/2017
  • We didn’t know what to expect from this school and whether to believe the parent testimonials about the school. We love it. The testimonials are true. The school has helped Will so much. He enjoys coming to school and has greater opportunities to learn.

    Ross 2/8/2017
  • Just wanted to tell you how happy Zoe is at ETASC and how much she enjoys going to school! She hasn't said a negative word about it and is really happy with the friendships she has formed. Zoe was very excited yesterday afternoon to tell me about the school sleepover later in the term. Thank you very much for giving her the opportunity to go to ETASC, it's literally a life changer for us all!

    Dominique 8/8/2017
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