Term 1 Newsletter, 2018

Welcome to the Term 1 Newsletter for 2018

Principal’s News

Welcome to Term 1 2018 From the Principal

The beginning of each new school year marks the point where everyone can make a fresh start on succeeding with their education. ET Australia Secondary College (ETASC) offers a fresh start for all students and especially for Year 7 students who are all starting their high school experience for the first time. In Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 we also welcome students who will also be first-time ETASC students. Our school provides students with a new place to belong to. Our continuing students coming into Year 10 will be our School leaders and we will look to them to maintain the very high standard of achievement set by students in past years.

ETASC is an alternative school model for students who will thrive in a small school environment where the teaching focus is all about preparing students for the world of work and life-long learning. The learning environment at ETASC integrates ethics and behaviour self-management skills so students can concentrate on achieving their best.

I look forward to meeting our new students and to observing our students experiencing positive progress in 2018. I hope that every student enrolled at ETASC fully utilises the opportunities available to them in our school and in the education pathways that are presented.

Tony Mylan
ET Australia Secondary College Principal

Upcoming Events

Year 8 Ken Duncan Art Excursion

When: Friday 16th and Monday 19th of February
Location: Ken Duncan Art Gallery

To complement Year 8’s Visual Arts studies when they were in Year 7 last year, students will have the opportunity to develop their photography skills by receiving photography tips from a professional photographer at the Ken Duncan Art Gallery.

Students will get to enjoy exploring the art gallery and appreciate the beautiful photographs, along with participating in an informative presentation in the Ken Duncan Gallery multi-media theatre room.

Parents please look out for the permission note for this excursion being sent to you via email in the next couple of days.

Year 9 and 10 PDHPE Verbal Combat Incursion

When: Monday 19th of February
Location: ET Australia Secondary College

Verbal Combat is a drama performance by Brainstorm Productions that focuses on Cyber-bullying and Cyber-safety. The performance has been created alongside MindMatters and the National Safe Schools Framework.

Students will have the opportunity to see this performance and learn how to identify cyber-bullying and the actions to take to ensure they are safe on social media.

This incursion specifically links into the PDHPE and English curriculum in regards to bullying, personal and social capability and ethical understanding.

Parents please look out for the permission note for this incursion being sent to you via email in the next couple of days.

Year 7 and 8 Great Aussie Bush Camp

When: Monday 5th to Wednesday 7th of March
Location: Tea Gardens, Hawks Nest

Students have the opportunity to attend the Great Aussie Bush Camp this term as a part of PDHPE, Science and Geography. This camp will provide students with life experiences, a chance to make and build friendships, and participate in team building activities that are challenging and rewarding.

Students will be involved in the Rock and Water program where they will learn about how to deal with bullying appropriately, mental strength, positive thinking and identifying their sense of self. A variety of activities will also be provided for our students such as high ropes, raft building, archery, gully crossing, canoeing, crate climbing, giant swing and a disco. These activities will encourage team building, communication and resilience.

Parents please look out for the permission note for this excursion being sent to you via email in the next couple of weeks.

Year 7 Bara Barang Geography Excursion

When: Tuesday 13th of March
Location: Central Coast, various locations

As part of the study of Geography this term, ET Australia Secondary College will be taking Year 7 students on an excursion to the Bara Barang Cultural Centre in Kariong and to other various locations. Students will experience Aboriginal culture and spirituality in a unique setting provided by members of the Central Coast Darkinjung people.

It is a hands on sensory tour that will encourage students to touch, see, hear, smell and taste everything the Nyanga Walang has to offer.

Parents please look out for the permission note for this excursion being sent to you via email in the next couple of weeks.

Year 7 and 8 French Incursion

When: Wednesday 4th of April
Location: ET Australia Secondary College

To celebrate Year 8 students beginning to learn the French language this year, a French pop concert will be taking place at school. It will be a chance for students to further develop their listening skills and gain knowledge about French culture in an enjoyable manner. Students will be able to apply their newly acquired French language skills outside the classroom. This incursion will be available for all Year 7 and 8 students.

Parents please look out for the permission note for this excursion being sent to you via email in the next couple of weeks.

Whole School Incursion – Beautiful Minds Event

When: Thursday 12th of April
Location: ET Australia Secondary College

Beautiful Minds is an event where students will participate in a range of different workshops that focus on body image, bullying, cyber-safety, relationships and mental health.

The core focus for this incursion is related to the PDHPE curriculum where students are able to learn about a sense of self and identify a variety of strategies to support themselves when needed.

The girls will participate in the following session:
Body image and self-esteem, inner bully/inner bestie, selfies, texts and sexts and beating stinking thinking.

The boys will participate in:
What is a real man, men and relationships, real men do dumb things and real men and mental health.

For more information you can go to the beautiful minds website www.beautifulminds.com.au

Parents please look out for the permission note for this incursion being sent to you via email in the next couple of weeks.

Whole School News

Teaching Staff Changes

Term 1 this year sees a number of staff changes.

New staff

Welcome to Heath Barlin, Alyshia Boettcher, Olivia Blanch, Katie Livermore, Maria McDonald and Michael Boake.

Heath will be teaching Year 7 and 8 Maths and Science, Alyshia will be joining the Learning Intervention team as a Learning Intervention teacher. Olivia, Katie, Maria and Michael are all joining the ETASC teaching team as Teachers’ Assistants.

Changes in responsibility

Michaela Thornley has moved into a permanent Stage 5 HSIE teaching role.
Kim Wheeler has taken on the Curriculum Coordinator role for Term 1 2018.
Lachlan Scott has been appointed Assistant Principal. John Lenton is currently on extended sick leave.

School Facilities Update

ETASC has increased student enrolments in 2018 to meet the growing demand for places in Years 8, 9 and 10. The school has introduced an additional Year 8 class of 20 students and an additional Year 9 and 10 class of 25 students. This brings the notional maximum number of students in the College to 150.

To accommodate this growth, ETASC has increased the size of the space it occupies in the Parkside building, creating 3 new classrooms, a sensory room and a larger staff room to accommodate the additional staff.

ET Australia’s Training College has moved next door to 125 Donnison Street into a custom fit-out allowing it to continue offering vocational training programs to adult students.


As a parent of an ET Australia student, you are encouraged to apply for a scholarship at any time during the year.

A scholarship is money set aside which can assist a family experiencing hardship to pay school fees. Scholarships are available for eligible Year 7, 8, 9 & 10 students and are a relatively simple process, with the majority of scholarships succeeding.

Students who attend school regularly and apply themselves to their academic progress will be eligible.  A successful applicant who receives a 50% scholarship will have their contribution to school fees matched dollar for dollar by the scholarship sponsor.

Some terms and conditions apply.

To apply please download our scholarship application form and hand it into the College office.

2018 Enrolments

The College is enrolling students for 2018 and beyond.

Enrolments have increased compared to 2017 across all years. Year 7 and 10 are at full capacity. Places are still available now for 2018 in Year 8 and Year 9. We are accepting enrolments for future years up to and including 2020. Our school’s growing reputation is generating ongoing interest. Thank you to those parents and students who are recommending our school to prospective students who will value and enjoy what ETASC provides.

If you or anyone you know are interested in a place for 2018 in Years 8 or 9 you are urged to act now. Please call the College office on 02 4323 1233 so we can send you an information pack in the mail.

Opal Cards

The Department of Transport’s introduction of OPAL Cards is designed to reduce schools’ involvement in the issue and re-issue of this free service for school children. Parents are now responsible to follow up with errors / lost and stolen cards. Students are advised not to put OPAL cards near phones or other disabled cards.

For more information on Opal Cards please refer to our College Handbook.

Contacting Students in Class Time

Please do not ring your child during class time, they will be tempted to answer which is very disruptive to the class. Their phone should be off and out of sight. Parents who need to contact their child during school hours are asked to do so by calling the college office on 4323 1233 or wait until break times.

School Fees

Parents/carers are required to make sure that school fees are kept up to date.

The school is restricted on what we can offer to your child without these fees and we will not include students in activities where fees are outstanding.

For more information on ETASC school fees please refer to our College Handbook.


Students attending ETASC are required to participate fully in PDHPE. This includes doing some physical activity as part of their subject. In Term 1 we are offering the following activities in order to encourage more active involvement.

Years 7 and 8 students will participate in:

  • Clip n Climb at Gosford Leagues Club
  • Swimming
  • Gym at Snap Fitness Gosford
  • Soccer, and touch football at Central Coast Leagues Club park
  • Badminton and table tennis in the Youth Arts Warehouse

Years 9 and 10 students will participate in:

  • Clip n Climb at Gosford Leagues Club
  • Gym at Snap Fitness Gosford
  • Badminton and table tennis in the Youth Arts Warehouse
  • Soccer, and touch football at Central Coast Leagues Club park

Where a student has a temporary incapacity and requests an exemption, a letter from a parent will suffice for one week, any time beyond one week must be supported by a Doctor’s Certificate.

Free After School Tutoring

Any student who wants help after school (on any subject) should ask the subject teacher and arrangements can be made for most afternoons.

Weekly Timetable

Extension Maths (Y10 students intending to complete the HSC) 2:30pm to 3:30pm
Literacy tutoring 2:30pm to 3:30pm

Extension Science (Y10 students intending to complete the HSC) 2:30pm to 3:30pm
Numeracy tutoring 2:30pm to 3:30pm

All extra curricular or tutoring classes are free.

Excursions and Events

There are a number of School Events planned in Term 1.

Parents will be emailed with details of each event and where permission is required, we ask that you REPLY to the email with your permission, as instructed. This will ensure that your response goes to the staff member who is responsible for that event. This system will be refined in future.

Students without parental consent provided cannot be included in the event, phone calls, handwritten notes and texts will no longer be accepted, unless a prior agreement has been made with the Assistant Principal. Some events will be limited due to transport or other considerations, so getting in early will be important, once you are notified that bookings are open.

School Lockers

The school has provided lockers at no cost for students to store their school bags to improve security and Work Health and Safety.  Students are asked to clean out their locker at the end of every term. Items left in lockers at the end of each Term will be discarded. If you value the contents of your locker, please take it with you.

Students are encouraged to keep lockers locked at all times, even when empty. We are keen to prevent unauthorised access to your locker and/or to have other people placing objects in lockers which do not belong there.

Medication Taken at School

Parent/Carers are reminded that students must not bring medication to school without advising the school in writing (this includes non-prescription medication). Medication which needs to be taken during school hours must be held and administered by school staff, not the student.

For more information on medication at ETASC please refer to our College Handbook.

Student Expectations and Rewards

Students are expected to observe common courtesy, and show respect for each other and for staff.

Where students demonstrate consistent effort in the school community they may be rewarded with a Gold Card, which can be used to access various privileges or recognition. These rewards are designed to be timely, appropriate and meaningful to the student.

For more information on expected student behaviour and rewards please refer to our College Handbook.

Year 7 & 8 News

Compass Testing

All ETASC Year 7 and Year 8 students are required to complete a literacy and numeracy test called the COMPASS test at the beginning and end of the school year so we are able to accurately assess their ability and track their progress at ETASC.

The COMPASS test is an adaptive test, designed to provide students with questions that match their ability based on the answers provided. The COMPASS tests help the ETASC’s Learning Intervention Teachers establish a student’s ability, track their progress over the school year and confirm if students are candidates for enrolment into the Quick Smart program.

New year COMPASS testing has already been completed for Year 7 and Year 8 students. If parents would like to know their child’s COMPASS results please contact the College on 4323 1233.

Quick Smart Program

In 2017, ETASC introduced the Quick Smart program, an intensive literacy and numeracy program designed to improve the literacy and numeracy skills of students.

The results of the program have been outstanding, with all participants working through different modules which has helped them engage in classroom learning. The College Literacy Intervention Teachers – Elizabeth Byrne, Melanie McDonald and Alyshia Boettcher will be contacting parents in the coming weeks to let them know if this intensive program could benefit their son or daughter.

Year 9 & 10 News

Say What You Mean (SWYM) Writing Program

SWYM is a writing program to encourage students to Say What You Mean. All students will participate in a weekly lesson to build confidence in essay writing as they learn about format, text type, literacy skills and use of academic vocabulary.

Term 1 theme – Approaching the Pool.
Students will refresh back to basic literacy skills using the NAPLAN ten marking criteria and the NSW Literacy Continuum. Students will review writing structures, audience, persuasive writing techniques and vocabulary through activities and games that break down these concepts.

Term 2 theme – SWYM Meets.
Students will be given fortnightly topics to analyse, plan and write, write, write!

Procedure for Friday Classes – Years 9 and 10 Only

With the introduction of the SWYM writing program on Fridays in 2018, Year 9 and 10 students who are up to date with their work will be able to now leave at 12:55pm on a Friday.

Those students who have work outstanding will need to remain at school until 2:25pm to complete their work.

Parents should avoid scheduling medical appointments or organising work shifts for students during this time so they are available to stay back for catch up if required.

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