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BlueWave Living Employment Program Partnership

ET Australia and BlueWave Living have partnered to deliver an employment program on-site at Blue Wave Living. Matthew Downie, CEO of BlueWave Living reached out to Cath Roden, ET Australia Training College Manager to discuss BlueWave Living’s ongoing need for well trained, entry-level care support staff. After discussions about how this workforce need could be

Funding for recovery

Funding for Recovery Post COVID for Students and Businesses

Funding is available now for students and businesses to recover from the COVID pandemic. Did you know that both the federal and state Governments have committed funds for staff and student training as part of their economic recovery plan? The funding available benefits both students or staff to train and upskill, and businesses alike. Skilling

ET Australia Staff Undertake Cultural Awareness Training

During the months of August and September this year, ET Australia staff are participating in cultural awareness training, a commitment made by ET Australia to increase the level of cultural awareness about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and the national reconciliation movement amongst staff. This training ties in with practical actions outlined in ET Australia’s Reconciliation

Rebuild Your Business With Trainees

Did you know that a Trainee’s wage can be less than half that of a worker with the same job description? It’s one of the best ways to add staff to your business while keeping your wages expenses low. In addition, the government provides generous incentives of up to $4000* over the term of the

Never Give Up – Tiffany’s Child Care Journey

Tiffany completed her formal schooling in 2008. After school, she knew she wanted to work in childcare and decided to seek a traineeship while working casually at McDonald’s. Over the course of the next seven years, she was offered five different traineeships across five different childcare centres. Unfortunately, every single one of these fell through


ET Australia Training College – Business as Usual

Business as usual – When things are continuing as they always do, despite a difficult situation The Cambridge Dictionary ET Australia Training College – How we are currently operating may not look like business as usual, but given current circumstances, we can still achieve our primary goal of connecting Central Coast employers with qualified employable staff.  Like many Australian businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has destined inevitable adjustments for ET Australia Training College. Although difficult

Optimised Learning Opportunities with ET Australia Training College

If you ask any athlete what they believe made them successful, they will say their motivation started their journey. They will then tell you the training provided, their support network and the environment are what prepared them for competition. Here at ET Australia Training College, our students are the athletes in their chosen field of study and ET Australia Training College is the training provider, the support network,

How Honesty Got Me to Where I Am

By Dana Mahia, ET Australia Training College’s Business Development Manager. I recently had the opportunity to discuss with James Dainton, the IT Technical Support Officer and Report Writer for North Construction, on how he gained his job. James is a young Central Coast man with a career, friends, family and a great lifestyle and wakes

5 Things You Can do Now to Prepare for Study in 2020

1. Find something that works for you If you are planning to study this year, you’ve inevitably considered how that will impact your home, work and social life, and everything else that you have going on in the matrix. So now it’s time to find a course that will work for you! For example; If

Fee Free Traineeships From January 1 2020

The NSW Government has committed to 70,000 fee-free traineeships so there has never been a better time to start a traineeship in NSW ( Under this fee-free initiative, the NSW Government will pay the student fees for new trainees that commence from 1 January 2020, meaning savings of up to $1,000! The “top 20” traineeships