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Rebuild Your Business With Trainees

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Did you know that a Trainee’s wage can be less than half that of a worker with the same job description?

It’s one of the best ways to add staff to your business while keeping your wages expenses low.

In addition, the government provides generous incentives of up to $4000* over the term of the traineeship to your business.

To break this down for you, we looked at two sectors:

  • Business
  • Aged Care

And used the following assumptions:

  • Trainee – employee is a school leaver (that is, within their first 12 months of being out of school) employed on a permanent part-time basis and working towards a Certificate III level qualification.
  • Non-Trainee – employee is 18 years of age and has no more than 3 months of work experience and employed on a casual basis.

The reason for using a part-time Trainee in the assumption is because a Trainee cannot be employed casually.

We used the pay calculator from the Australian Government Fairwork Ombudsman located at (just click on the ‘Pay’ drop-down menu item) to look at the differences between the two assumptions.


Save 36% on hourly wages when you hire a part-time Trainee vs a casual staff member.

Trainee Hourly Wage

Casual Hourly Wage

Aged Care

Save 55% on hourly wages when you hire a part-time Trainee vs a casual staff member.

Trainee Hourly Wage

Casual Hourly Wage

You can do this calculation across many industries, to see the wage expense savings available when Trainees are hired.

As the Australian economy is starting to re-open and you find yourself asking “how am I going to rebuild my business to where it was?”, one question to ask is “how can a Trainee help with building my business and optimising my wage expenses?”.

And then ask “what time does ET Australia Training College open?” 🙂

Our qualified and experienced staff will spend the required time with you to go over all that is required with hiring a Trainee and will even help with recruitment, free of charge, for entry-level positions in Business, Aged Care and Early Childhood.

What have you got to lose?

*Eligibility criteria applies

^Examples above are examples of award wages only. ET Australia Training College encourages all employers to check Trainee wages with the Fairwork Ombudsman and their respective Human Resources and accounting services.

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Thomas DicksonRebuild Your Business With Trainees

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