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Want to upskill your career in aged care? Here’s everything you need to know…

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Upskilling is something we truly advocate here at ET Australia and we continuously assess a range of qualifications and subject options, to ensure we can accommodate our student’s, whatever stage of the career path they’re at.

Take our aged care qualifications for example, our CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support is designed to provide the skills needed to enter the aged care industry. This qualification is seen as the entry level qualification for many employers on the Central Coast. This qualification provides a great starting point for aged care education and paves the way for upskilling in the future.

Alternatively, students who already work within the aged care industry can choose to complete a CHC43015 Certificate IV in Aging Support, where they will learn the skills needed to perform specialised tasks in residential, home or community-based environments making this the perfect upskilling option to put them in the right position to be considered for a promotion with their current aged care employer.

So what exactly is upskilling and why is it so important, particularly in vocational professions?

Put simply, a student may choose to upskill if they want to progress their career within an industry. They may have gained valuable experience without formal training, or they may have completed the training required to enter the industry of their  profession and most likely have started on the career ladder, but are now looking to move on up.

To upskill through further education, can provide a real point of difference in the eyes of an employer and shows that the potential employee is proactive about continuing their educational journey and passionate about their chosen profession.

Upskilling in aged care through ET Australia is a rewarding way to show you are motivated, ambitious and ready to make some serious career power moves!

If you’ve completed our CHC43015 Certificate IV in Aging Support we’d love to hear how it helped you advance your career on our facebook page.

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Thomas DicksonWant to upskill your career in aged care? Here’s everything you need to know…

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