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7 Ways to Strategically Avoid Success

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We want to see you succeed, in fact we want to see it so much that we’ve put together the top workplace faux pas you may want to avoid if you have ambitions of climbing the corporate ladder.

1. Doing ‘life admin’ in work hours.
Setting up a Facebook event for your cousin’s dog’s birthday party when you should be in a meeting isn’t going to go down well professionally.

2. Poor time management.
If you’re consistently arriving late and you’re accidentally taking an extra-long lunch break, you may think your boss hasn’t noticed, but we hate to break it to you, they have.

3. Not asking questions.
Asking obvious questions shows you’re interested and keen to learn. Spending hours looking for one document because you didn’t want to ask where it was filed is definitely as a waste of yours and your employer’s time. Letting opportunities pass you by.

4. You never know who else might be on the Christmas party organising committee with you.
Opportunities are everywhere, you just have to make sure you’re there to take advantage.

Avoid Success

5. Getting hung up on your weaknesses.
Teamwork makes the dream work, even Steve Jobs knew he couldn’t be the best at everything, that’s why he had a team. You’ll be judged by what you can do, not what you can’t.

6. Bringing your bad mood into the office.
Everyone has off days. It’s human nature but you won’t be making any career power moves if you’re taking out your bad mood on everyone from the local barista to your boss. Leave your personal issues at the door and pick them up when you leave at the end of the day if you need.

7. Getting too comfortable.
Work is a professional environment, whether you’ve been there 10 days or 10 years. Wearing work-out clothes, partaking in office gossip and firing off TGI Friday memes to the whole office, isn’t going to do you any favours.

Look out for the above pit falls, remember the mantra of ‘dollar productive behaviour’ and you’ll soon be kicking career goals. As the saying goes; ‘success doesn’t just come and find you, you have to go out and get it’.

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