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The Inside Scoop On How to Interview Like a Pro

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As ET Australia’s training program product specialist everyday I’m interviewing potential students for one of our training programs or interviewing possible staff members for one of the many businesses on the Central Coast who use our free recruitment servi

Trust me, I have seen every type of interviewee, from the nonchalant, to the flustered, to the down-right terrified and many more in-between.

But interviewing doesn’t need to be difficult, interviews are the perfect way to hone your presenting skills, make contacts and learn more about your industry; whether you’re just starting out, or looking to move on up.

Whether it’s your first, or your hundredth, there are some tricks and tips you can learn which will make interviewing a breeze.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Your Granddad’s favourite saying has never been even more true than before an interview. Make sure you research the company you are interviewing with online, check out their website, social media feeds and any recent news stories which will give you important insights into their culture and offering.

If you are interviewing for an internal promotion or new role within your current company, you’re not off the hook. Use your inside knowledge as leverage, but suggest how you could add value, or even make improvements in your new role, based on your day-to-day observations.

Knowledge is power

Make sure you know the job description inside out and practice answering questions that might come up. You should know why you’re the best person for the job, be armed with examples of how you meet the skills they’re looking for and prepare a few choice questions to ask the interviewer. This shows you’re interested, motivated and assertive.

Quick fire top tips

You’ve probably heard the usual confidence builders; take deep breaths, make eye contact, dress to impress, but I wanted to leave you with three left-field options which may just give you the edge over the other candidates:

  1. Smiling (even if it’s faked!) reduces stress, creates a great first impression and is contagious, so a great way to win over your interviewer.
  2. Power posing; just altering the way you sit, stand and present yourself can make you feel more confident.
  3. Method acting is not just for thespians, this technique can get your mindset on point every time.

Let us know if our tips and tricks helped you in a recent interview, or if you have any more to share, then do so on our Facebook page.


Michelle O’Brien is ET Australia’s product specialist, chances are if you have called our office wanting to know more about a particular training program we offer then you have spoken to Michelle. Having spent the last four years at ET Michelle is our training program guru answering student questions and interviewing students and job seekers daily. She is also our resident camping whiz and gives the best tips on where staff should go to get away to for the weekend!



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