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ET Australia Providing Trainees to Professional Law Offices & Accounting Firms

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A testimonial from our client, Brazel Moore Lawyers, describes what our Traineeship services are for employers. ET Australia has been providing Traineeship Services to Brazel Moore, and assisting them with upskilling their staff in Microsoft Office applications since 2013.

“We chose to work with ET Australia as we initially needed a trainee to fill an internal vacancy. ET Australia took the hassle out of recruiting and provided quality job ready candidates for us to fill our trainee positions with. We are finding the Traineeship outcomes, training services and Microsoft Skills courses ET Australia provide, allow Brazel Moore to focus on specific position deliverables within our business, rather than having to teach trainees the basics i.e computer skills.

We particularly like the face to face availability of ET Australia’s Trainer, Dione, visiting the workplace when required and the training provided by Dione being hands on, this allows our trainees to watch, learn and practice new skills on the job.

ET Australia have been professional and helpful and I would recommend them to any organisation including professional law offices and accounting firms looking for trainees.”

Kelly Manning, Office Manager, Brazel Moore Lawyers

At ET Australia we support local businesses who need new entry-level employees. We also have the expertise to up skill existing employees. Many Central Coast businesses are exploring new cost-effective ways of employing entry level staff and are looking to ET Australia’s Traineeship Services to secure and train quality people. The support that ET Australia provides to trainees working within an organisation saves business owners time and effort. ET Australia’s accredited training also ensures that trainees receive the skills they require to flourish in their new working environment.

Interested in taking on a trainee, or require support? ET Australia is happy to discuss your workforce development options with you. Call 43231233 to speak to one of our friendly support staff.

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