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Pursuing further study? Consider these 5 tips

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When pursuing further study, there are numerous factors to consider before deciding on a course that’s right for you. If you are blessed with a clear vision and understanding of your ideal role you can actively research the course that best helps you pursue your goals.

For those who are less than certain of their desired outcomes choosing a course can be daunting. Many people faced with these challenges choose to pursue further education that provides them with options, a course that develops their skill set but provides a broader set of opportunities or roles they can pursue on completion.

Regardless of your position, further study and education is an investment towards your future. Consider these factors when choosing an education provider to ensure it provides you with options that suit your requirements and return on your investment.

  1. Consider the benefits to you – how will the provider cater to your learning style and requirements?
  2. What are the outcomes -Will you leave the course with the skills and knowledge you need to find immediate employment?
  3. How is the course perceived? How is the provider and course you are considering perceived by employers? Are they reputable? Are the provider’s courses accredited and nationally recognised?
  4. Consider the successes of past students, where are they working? How are they perceived by employers? This will provide you with relevant insight as to how the provider will be regarded by employers when viewing your CV.
  5. Are there additional opportunities? – Consider the opportunities available to you prior to the commencement of your studies, does the provider support your future employment? Do they have ties with businesses in your local community?

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