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Future New Home for ET Australia in Gosford CBD

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Within this article Central Coast Council’s group leader of connected communities Julie Vaughan also confirmed Council would liaise with the Federal Government and Robertson federal Liberal MP Lucy Wicks to confirm $7 million in funding for the library project as promised from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development’s Community Grants Program.

This project includes the redevelopment of the Parkside building. ET Australia currently occupy this building and Council has shared their vision for this site with us and are considering us in their proposal.

There will be no change to the location of ET Australia or how we operate in the short term.

This is an exciting time to collaborate with Central Coast Council on developing a learning space which meets the education needs of the Coast.

As planning develops we will keep students, ET Australia Secondary College parents and our community partners informed.

Full article about the performing arts centre and library project can be read by clicking on this link –>

Thomas DicksonFuture New Home for ET Australia in Gosford CBD

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