School Life

“If your plan is for one year, plant rice;
If your plan is for ten years, plant trees;
If your plan is for a hundred years, educate children.”

Discipline Policy

ETASC have developed a discipline policy which is transparent, accountable, relies on fairness and natural justice. Our Behaviour Management System records incidents and identifies patterns of student behaviour, both positive and negative.

There is a scale of rewards for positive behaviour and a scale of sanctions for unacceptable behaviour.

We do not have ‘suspensions’ but a student may be asked to leave for up to a day to ‘cool off’. Where no improvement is apparent a Parent/Carer interview will be conducted with a view to correcting behaviour before the student is subject to expulsion.

A full description of the system will be provided at enrolment.

Student Code of Conduct

ET Australia Secondary College have a high expectation for the conduct of students and staff. Students are expected to:

  • Act in a manner which shows respect to themselves, others, staff, peers and visitors
  • Behave responsibly in the college environment, inside and outside the classroom
  • Respect their own property and the property of others
  • Be punctual to school and to class. Attend regularly with all required work
  • Apply sustained effort to progress towards their goals
  • Access the support systems available through the College in times of crisis
  • Access the College’s co-curricular activities to achieve a well developed learning pattern
Dress Code

Students are not required to wear a uniform, however a reasonable standard of dress is expected. When attending external activities, sport or camps special clothing may be specified as ‘not optional’.

Mobile phones, IPods, MP3 players

The ownership and use of mobile phones by young people continues to rise. The use of mobile phones comes with responsibilities – students are expected to refrain from:

  • disruption of the learning and teaching environment in classes
  • harassing, bullying or posting private information about others by text messaging
  • sending objectionable images
  • using mobile phones to cheat in exams
  • allowing others to misuse phones

Students are reminded that all personal property and equipment are brought to school at their own risk. Students are able to access telephone services at the School Office or Reception for emergency contact of parents / carers and likewise parents / carers are able to get information to their student, should the need arise, by contacting the school on 43231233.

Mobile phones
  • Mobile phones are permitted to be carried by students during school hours but must be on silent or turned off between 8:55am and 3:00pm, except at recess and lunch
  • Phones used for any other purpose will be confiscated. The phone may be collected from the AP
Agreed Use
  • will set their mobile phone to ‘silent mode’
  • will turn their phone off and put it away before any class “OFF & AWAY” rule
  • will not send text messages, play games, make calls, ‘surf the net’ or take photos during class
  • will not play with the ring tones or the phone during class time
  • will not harass, bully others by text messaging or sending objectionable images
  • will not allow others to access their phone
  • will not use their phone in exams
  • will not use inappropriate language (spoken or text) on their phone
  • will use soundless features such as SMS, answering services, call diversion and vibration alert to receive important calls outside class
IPods and MP3 Players Gaming and other devices
  • may be used by students before and after school, during recess and lunch
  • may not be used in class unless permitted by the teacher.

ETASC seeks to provide safe and caring environment for all its members. Our students and staff have the right to expect they will spend their day free from bullying and harassment. Bullying is taken seriously and is not accepted in any form at the College.

The full Policy and Procedures will be provided at enrolment.