It’s your choice to learn


ET Australia is your opportunity to thrive in a tailored and supportive learning system.

As young adults we recognise our students deserve to be empowered with responsibility and individuality.


All assignments and schoolwork are completed during school hours removing conflict points and stress outside of school. There are no heavy textbooks to carry to and from school.

We believe it’s important that students maintain their individuality and can express themselves.

ET Australia has a strict zero tolerance to bullying. The school model has a strong focus on respectful behaviour.

At ET Australia Secondary College it is easy to make new friends and enjoy time spent at school. You can just be yourself and get accepted for it.

We have a flexible support system that is tailored around our students to give them what they need.

You are able to speak with your teachers on a first name basis. This is all part of a school model that recognises students as young adults.

Our students

Listen to our students explain why they choose to study at ET Australia Secondary College.

“I feel like I can actually achieve something”

“I feel welcome and teachers respect me”

“It’s easy to make friends at ET”

“I find the mentoring really helpful”

Our Teachers

Get an insight into the teachers at ET Australia Secondary college and why they find teaching at our school a rewarding career.

Preparation For The Real World

ET Australia is focused on equipping students with the skills to be successful in school and after school. Many of our graduated students go on to complete their HSC, while others choose to enrol in adult training courses or gain employment.

‘Either way, we believe it’s important to make sure that students have the right skills to help them on their next phase of life.’

Our classes are limited in numbers to ensure students receive the proper attention and learning required. Submit your details so we can register your interest. You’ll then receive further information on the school and be invited along to an enrolment information session. We can then discuss your suitability and make sure the school is right for you.