Upskilling your staff through training and further education can lead to a more sustainable workforce including greater productivity, improved staff morale and long term staff retention.

Benefits of upskilling your staff

Investing in training to upskill staff can bring numerous benefits to organisations including increased productivity, improved staff morale, an increase in staff satisfaction, less staff turnover, increased customer service and a more sustainable workforce.

Training advancements in flexible delivery methods and the ability to customise training to suit organisations means employers can minimise impacts to their organisation whilst securing training benefits.

Upskilling with ET Australia

To ensure our training meets the needs of businesses and develops the skills required we take the time to find out what is really needed.

Consultation – The consultation we have with employers prior to any training taking place allows us to make the learning and assessment as relevant to an organisation as possible.  We design programs so learning can be applied in the workplace, assisting in achieving the outcomes employers are looking for.  The consultation also allows us to tailor and deliver a program that is flexible to meet the needs of both the employer and the staff who will be involved in the training eg training sessions can be scheduled after hours to cause minimal disruption to the working day.  We can provide options to suit most employers, learners, situations and requirements.

Trainers – ET Australia recruits Trainers who are experts in their field.  They are highly qualified, with real industry experience and background so you can be assured the training they provide is current and relevant for application in the workplace.

Opportunities – ET Australia stays abreast of current and potential funding opportunities available so it is worth talking to us if you are considering up-skilling your staff.