Recruitment, Training & Employment in the one Program

ET Australia’s successful employment programs deliver sustainable employment for businesses through a unique approach combining targeted recruitment and training. Onsite training provides a real world working environment. Program candidates who complete the program receive an accredited qualification.

Where you have a need for recruiting multiple positions at once we are able to run dedicated employment programs just for your organisation.  Employment programs gain all the benefits of our recruitment services plus some additional key benefits clients find highly valuable about this program. This includes candidates having the opportunity to develop an advanced competence during early stages of the program due to the high levels of practical training incorporated into the program.

Clients are also instilling their organisational culture and integrating any induction processes that may be relevant to their organisation during the program, leading to substantial cost savings.

To find out more about setting up an Employment Program in your organisation, or how you become a participant in a program, contact us on (02) 4323 1233

Employment Program Case Study