ET Australia students are regularly in demand by employers. If you are looking for students who are trained, competent and job ready ask ET Australia about how our students can become your future workforce.

Students are Job Ready

Employers choose to hire ET Australia students because our focus is on providing students with real workplace training to ensure they are ‘job ready’ when they complete their training. We are able to do this through our training model which focuses on quality training via small group face to face training and a high support mode.

Our students are often competent in many facets of working roles before they complete their training, creating early hire opportunities for employers looking to fill vacancies quickly. Employers can also choose to hire students through a quality traineeship placements with ET Australia. To learn more about Traineeships Click Here.

A good fit for your business

ET Australia has a wealth of experience in recruiting for and filling entry level positions with our Students. Our students are valued by employers because we understand how to match students to positions vacant to ensure Students are a good fit for your business.

All students undertake a comprehensive application process when joining any of our training, recruitment and traineeship programs. If you are looking to recruit through a tailored program dedicated to your position, or simply direct from our pool of student candidates, you can be assured they have the ET Australia supportive training experience.