The mission of ET Australia is to provide and develop products and services to enable individuals to achieve their full potential.

  • COMMITMENT to the individual in identifying and directing services and support to satisfy the needs of all of our customers
  • HIGH STANDARDS AND QUALITY SERVICE as we strive to achieve excellence as the benchmark against which our services are measured
  • TEAM EFFORTS in developing and maintaining a team approach to achieve this excellence
  • STAFF DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING is actively encouraged by the Board and Management
  • OUR PHILOSOPHY is to empower all individuals to make decisions on matters which directly affect them

In pursuit of its objects ET Australia will focus its activities on the NSW Central Coast and seek to respond to the needs of disadvantaged people by the following specific means:

  • To investigate the causes, nature and effects of unemployment on the Central Coast and inform the community of the needs, difficulties and perspectives of the unemployed.
  • To provide training courses, and to provide information on and assist with the development of job acquisition skills and other supportive programs and services to assist the unemployed working in conjunction with Government Departments and other organisations.
  • To provide support and financial assistance to community groups and individuals (especially unemployed persons) desirous of developing experimental projects aimed at improving and expanding services to the unemployed.
  • To improve the ability of unemployed persons to obtain employment and to help maintain them with a sense of direction.
  • To encourage the community to participate in self help programs and provide particular assistance to disadvantaged and minority groups such as youth, migrants, aged and handicapped persons.
  • To provide counselling services, support, assistance with housing and accommodation, administrative assistance, material and financial aid, where possible, to necessitous unemployed persons and to do all such other things as may be deemed to promote these objects.
  • To provide education for primary and/or secondary levels of education for school age children.